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The manufacturer of self-adhesive wallpaper tells you how to stick it without wrinkles
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The wall is a place that every family needs to decorate, so there are many kinds of decoration materials, such as: wall paint, wallpaper, diatom mud, etc. Generally, many families will choose to use wallpaper for decoration, because the cost is relatively low, and it is very convenient to replace, and the entire wall is very beautiful after pasting. At present, there is a kind of self-adhesive wallpaper, which can be directly laid without glue when used, but some people will also ask how to stick it so that it will not wrinkle. Let's follow the self-adhesive wallpaper manufacturers to learn about it. 
1. The wall surface needs to be cleaned before pasting the wallpaper. No matter how good the construction project is, there will always be some potholes on the wall surface. When you paste the wallpaper, check to see if there is any problem, you can repair it first, so that the wall is flat and smooth before proceeding to the next step. 
2. Cut the length of the self-adhesive wallpaper according to the wall surface to be pasted. What needs to be noted here is: in order to prevent errors, it is recommended that you cut it three to five centimeters longer than the length of the wall. 
3. Because it is a self-adhesive wallpaper, we don't need to use glue when pasting it, just paste it directly. You can start with a small corner first, and you must not lay directly from the middle. 
4. The self-adhesive wallpaper manufacturer tells you: the technique is also particular when pasting, it must be pasted from top to bottom, from the corner to the inside, so that it will be smooth and wrinkle-free after pasting. 
5. If you encounter switches, sockets, etc. on the wall when pasting, we can directly spread and paste them, and then use a utility knife to draw a diagonal cross on the place where there are switches, and use a scraper Scrape the wallpaper. Cut the edge of the socket with a utility knife, and cut off the excess wallpaper. 
6. When sticking to the door and window, it is the same as the switch mentioned above. Don’t let the wallpaper stick to the door and window. The excess wallpaper wraps the door frame and window frame, and then cuts it off with a utility knife. up. 
Just stick the wallpaper according to the above method, and then wait for a while to let it dry naturally. After reading the self-adhesive wallpaper manufacturer's instructions, do you think it is very simple? Don't be afraid of handicapped parties, you can take your time. If you understand the laying and pasting of wallpaper, then if there is a slight damage in the process of using in the future, you can completely handle it by yourself.